We would not have dreamed of this and we are truly out of words right now..

This is what Swiss Singer/Songwriter Charts look like at the moment.

And this is what the general iTunes Charts looked like on saturday:

And I hope that you know, we couldn’t have done any of this ourselves. You downloaded the track and so many of you shared it on Facebook, absolute madness. At times it was like Tawnee had completely taken over Facebook. We can’t thank you enough for that.
We’re sorry to everyone who was overloaded with Messages about Jamie and hope you still like the song.

Thanks for everything,

yours truly.

Jamie is on iTunes

Dear Friends
You can’t believe how long we’ve been waiting for this day. Jamie is finally up in the world’s largest online music store and we couldn’t be more happy! If you would like to support our music and soon hear a ton more, please buy Jamie on iTunes or Napster or wherever you want.

We would like to say that this is not at all about earning money. We have always given you all of our songs for free and believe it or not, recording music is not exactly cheap ;). To still give you the most for your money, you can once more download all our other songs for free from Soundcloud. So basically what you get is 6 awesome Songs at the ridiculous price of Fr. 1.60 (or 0.99€ if you’re from our beloved northern neighbor). Furthermore, if a lot of people buy Jamie, we could climb up in the iTunes Single Charts and that would be a huuuuuuge chance for us.

We are so incredibly thankful for all of your support. If we may, we would like to mention a couple of names explicitely: thanks to Giammi, the whole Lanz Family and the two Daves who always like, comment and share the f**k out of our most boring status updates. Thanks to Gianluca who gave us his beautiful Taylor for recording, thanks to Michi from Hardstudios for being so patient and thanks to Valeria for posing so beautifully on the cover. But of course we love you all equally and we hope you love the new Jamie as much as we love it. Seriously, thank you. <3


And within 3 hours we (and by that I mean you guys!) have been able to fill up the popularity bar and overtake Tawnee Kendall.. This. Is. Unreal.

We're on Dooload, and very soon on iTunes! Buy Jamie and support us!

thank you very much 🙂


Tawnee is here

Your Night

Hey lovelies,

again, I’m very late with that post and I feel terrible.

Nontheless, here’s a new song for you. It’s called ‘Your Night’ and I am very happy with it. The song is about the crazy things going on in your head when you’re in a fight with someone that means so much to you. Most of the time, by the end of the fight you just want to stop and you notice that the thing you fight about is absolutely meaningless.


I hope you enjoy the song, have a great weekend.

Love, andy

Out Of This World

Hey world,

I’ll try to post on a more regular basis from now on. There have been tons of nice comments, some of them offered me sexdates or free viagra, but I think others were actually meant to be about the blog and music, so thank you for that 🙂

You can listen to one of my favourite original songs so far, it’s called «Out of this world» and it’s about the crazy and amazing times you spend with your close friends, doing just what you like to do. I attached some pictures and a video with it, so you get the idea.

Thank you for checking back, means the world to me!


Kisses, Tawnee


G’day mates,

With a delay of approximately one year, I finally managed to write another post. Luckily, I can tell you that I have a couple of new songs in the music section that I would really like you to check out.

One song that means a lot to me is named «Jamie» and I think you might like it a bit, which is why I put it right here for you.


Thanks for checking back!




Hey world,

I finally managed to write another post. I added a couple of new songs to the music section and also a new YouTube video. check it out and let me know what you think!

I will write a new post on how to record vocals very soon.

Take care!

love, andy

New songs and update!

Hey world,

I just uploaded three songs new I made. One of them is called hope and although the lyrics may imply other – please don’t misunderstand them – it should give all the people out there hope. The other two are less serious.

Also, I plan on releasing a new YouTube video very soon. It’ll most definately be a cover of Mumford&Sons.

Take care and don’t forget, hope will never die!


Andrea Frey Music Production

Hello World,

I finally created my own website to share my music with you. Just navigate to the music section and select the song you want to listen to.